Final Fantasy 7 Complete Hex Edit Cheats article by Al Giovetti


By Al Giovetti
Lead Artist:

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Final Fantasy 7 Complete Hex Edit Cheats

Type the following cheats to achieve the desired result.

    Clouds codes
    All Limit Attacks
    8009C75A 0FFF
    Experience Modifier [Note 1]
    8009C774 ????
    Level Modifier
    3009C739 00??
    Infinite HP
    8009C764 270F
    Max HP
    8009C766 270F
    Infinite MP
    8009C768 03E7
    Max MP
    8009C76A 03E7
    When Starting a Battle, Limit Bar is Full
    8009AEDE FF01
    Enable All Limits
    8009AEF2 02DB
    Lucky 7777 Fever [Note 2]
    8009D85C 1E61
    8009D85E 1E61
    9999 HP
    8009C764 270F
    9999 max HP
    8009C766 270F
    999 MP
    8009C768 03E7
    999 max MP
    8009C76A 03E7
    Level 99
    3009C739 0063
    255 Strength
    3009C73A 00FF
    255 Vitality
    3009C73B 00FF
    255 Magic
    3009C73C 00FF
    255 Spirit
    3009C73D 00FF
    255 Dexterity
    3009C73E 00FF
    255 Luck
    3009C73F 00FF
    Tifa's codes-
    All Limit Attacks
    8009C862 0FFF
    When Starting a Battle, Limit Bar is Full
    8009AFE6 FF01
    Enable All Limits
    8009AFFA 02DB
    Lucky 7777 Fever [Note 2]
    8009DC9C 1E61
    8009DC9E 1E61
    Level 99
    3009C841 0063
    255 Strength
    3009C842 00FF
    255 Vitality
    3009C843 00FF
    255 Magic
    3009C844 00FF
    255 Spirit
    3009C845 00FF
    255 Dexterity
    3009C846 00FF
    255 Luck
    3009C847 00FF
    Barret's codes-
    All Limit Attacks
    8009C7DE 0FFF
    Experience Modifier [Note 1]
    8009C7F8 ????
    When Starting a Battle, Limit Bar is Full
    8009AF62 FF01
    Enable All Limits
    8009AF76 02DB
    Level 99
    3009C7C3 0063
    255 Strength
    3009C7C4 00FF
    255 Vitality
    3009C7C5 00FF
    255 Magic
    3009C7C0 00FF
    255 Spirit
    3009C7C1 00FF
    255 Dexterity
    3009C7C8 00FF
    255 Luck
    3009C7C9 00FF
    Yuffie's codes-
    All Limit Attacks
    8009C9EE 0FFF
    When Starting a Battle, Limit Bar is Full
    8009B172 FF01
    Enable All Limits
    8009B186 02DB
    Level 99
    3009C9CD 0063
    255 Strength
    3009C9CE 00FF
    255 Vitality
    3009C9CF 00FF
    255 Magic
    3009C9D0 00FF
    255 Spirit
    3009C9D1 00FF
    255 Dexterity
    3009C9D2 00FF
    255 Luck
    3009C9D3 00FF
    Red XIII's codes-
    All Limit Attacks
    8009C96A 0FFF
    When Starting a Battle, Limit Bar is Full
    8009B0EE FF01
    Enable All Limits
    8009B102 02DB
    Level 99
    3009C949 0063
    255 Strength
    3009C94A 00FF
    255 Vitality
    3009C94B 00FF
    255 Magic
    3009C94C 00FF
    255 Spirit
    3009C94D 00FF
    255 Dexterity
    3009C94E 00FF
    255 Luck
    3009C94F 00FF
    Aeries's codes-
    All Limit Attacks
    8009C8E6 0FFF
    When Starting a Battle, Limit Bar is Full
    8009B06A FF01
    Enable All Limits
    8009B07E 02DB
    Level 99
    3009C8C5 0063
    255 Strength
    3009C8C6 00FF
    255 Vitality
    3009C8C7 00FF
    255 Magic
    3009C8C8 00FF
    255 Spirit
    3009C8C9 00FF
    255 Dexterity
    3009C8CA 00FF
    255 Luck
    3009C8CB 00FF
    Cid's codes-
    All Limit Attacks
    8009CB7A 0FFF
    When Starting a Battle, Limit Bar is Full
    8009B2FE FF01
    Enable All Limits
    8009B312 02DB
    Level 99
    3009CB59 0063
    255 Strength
    3009CB5A 00FF
    255 Vitality
    3009CB5B 00FF
    255 Magic
    3009CB5C 00FF
    255 Spirit
    255 Dexterity
    255 Luck
    Vincint's codes-
    All Limit Attacks
    8009CAF6 0FFF
    When Starting a Battle, Limit Bar is Full
    8009B27A FF01
    Level 99
    3009CAD5 0063
    255 Strength
    3009CAD6 00FF
    255 Vitality
    3009CAD7 00FF
    255 Magic
    3009CAD8 00FF
    255 Spirit
    3009CAD9 00FF
    255 Dexterity
    3009CADA 00FF
    255 Luck
    3009CADB 00FF
    Cait Sith's codes-
    All Limit Attacks
    8009CA72 0FFF
    When Starting a Battle, Limit Bar is Full
    8009B1F6 FF01
    Enable All Limits
    8009B20A 02DB
    Level 99
    3009CA51 0063
    255 Strength
    3009CA52 00FF
    255 Vitality
    3009CA53 00FF
    255 Magic
    3009CA54 00FF
    255 Spirit
    3009CA55 00FF
    255 Dexterity
    3009CA56 00FF
    255 Luck
    3009CA57 00FF
    Item modifiers[part 1]-
    1st Position
    8009CBE0 C???
    2nd Position
    8009CBE2 C???
    3rd Position
    8009CBE4 C???
    4th Position
    8009CBE6 C???
    5th Position
    8009CBE8 C???
    6th Position
    8009CBEA C???
    7th Position
    8009CBEC C???
    8th Position
    8009CBEE C???
    9th Position
    8009CBF0 C???
    10th Poistion
    8009CBF2 C???
    11th Position
    8009CBF4 C???
    12th Poistion
    8009CBF6 C???
    13th Poistion
    8009CBF8 C???
    14th Poistion
    8009CBFA C???
    15th Poistion
    8009CBFC C???
    16th Poistion
    8009CBFE C???
    17th Poistion
    8009CC00 C???
    18th Poistion
    8009CC02 C???
    19th Poistion
    8009CC04 C???
    20th Poistion
    8009CC06 C???
    21st Poistion
    8009CC08 C???
    22nd Poistion
    8009CC0A C???
    23rd Poistion
    8009CC0C C???
    24th Poistion
    8009CC0E C???
    25th Poistion
    8009CC10 C???
    26th Poistion
    8009CC12 C???
    27th Poistion
    8009CC14 C???
    28th Poistion
    8009CC16 C???
    29th Poistion
    8009CC18 C???
    30th Poistion
    8009CC1A C???
    31st Poistion
    8009CC1C C???
    32nd Poistion
    8009CC1E C???
    33rd Poistion
    8009CC20 C???
    34th Poistion
    8009CC22 C???
    35th Poistion
    8009CC24 C???
    36th Poistion
    8009CC26 C???
    37th Poistion
    8009CC28 C???
    38th Poistion
    8009CC2A C???
    39th Poistion
    8009CC2C C???
    40th Poistion
    8009CC2E C???
    41st Poistion
    8009CC30 C???
    42nd Poistion
    8009CC32 C???
    43rd Poistion
    8009CC34 C???
    44th Poistion
    8009CC36 C???
    45th Poistion
    8009CC38 C???
    46th Poistion
    8009CC3A C???
    47th Poistion
    8009CC3C C???
    48th Poistion
    8009CC3E C???
    49th Poistion
    8009CC40 C???
    50th Poistion
    8009CC42 C???
    51st Poistion
    8009CC44 C???
    52nd Poistion
    8009CC46 C???
    53rd Poistion
    8009CC48 C???
    54th Poistion
    8009CC4A C???
    55th Poistion
    8009CC4C C???
    56th Poistion
    8009CC4E C???
    57th Poistion
    8009CC50 C???
    58th Poistion
    8009CC52 C???
    59th Poistion
    8009CC54 C???
    60th Poistion
    8009CC56 C???
    61st Poistion
    8009CC58 C???
    62nd Poistion
    8009CC5A C???
    63rd Poistion
    8009CC5C C???
    64th Poistion
    8009CC5E C???
    65th Poistion
    8009CC60 C???
    66th Poistion
    8009CC62 C???
    67th Poistion
    8009CC64 C???
    68th Poistion
    8009CC66 C???
    69th Poistion
    8009CC68 C???
    70th Poistion
    8009CC6A C???
    71st Poistion
    8009CC6C C???
    72nd Poistion
    8009CC6E C???
    73rd Poistion
    8009CC70 C???
    74th Poistion
    8009CC72 C???
    75th Poistion
    8009CC74 C???
    76th Poistion
    8009CC76 C???
    77th Poistion
    8009CC78 C???
    78th Poistion
    8009CC7A C???
    79th Poistion
    8009CC7C C???
    80th Poistion
    8009CC7E C???
    81st Poistion
    8009CC80 C???
    82nd Poistion
    8009CC82 C???
    83rd Poistion
    8009CC84 C???
    84th Poistion
    8009CC86 C???
    85th Poistion
    8009CC88 C???
    86th Poistion
    8009CC8A C???
    87th Poistion
    8009CC8C C???
    88th Poistion
    8009CC8E C???
    89th Poistion
    8009CC90 C???
    90th Poistion
    8009CC92 C???
    91st Poistion
    8009CC94 C???
    92nd Poistion
    8009CC96 C???
    93rd Poistion
    8009CC98 C???
    94th Poistion
    8009CC9A C???
    95th Poistion
    8009CC9C C???
    96th Poistion
    8009CC9E C???
    97th Poistion
    8009CCA0 C???
    98th Poistion
    8009CCA2 C???
    99th Poistion
    8009CCA4 C???
    100th Poistion
    8009CCA6 C???
    101st Poistion
    8009CCA8 C???
    102nd Poistion
    8009CCAA C???
    103rd Poistion
    8009CCAC C???
    104th Poistion
    8009CCAE C???
    105th Poistion
    8009CCB0 C???
    106th Poistion
    8009CCB2 C???
    107th Poistion
    8009CCB4 C???
    108th Poistion
    8009CCB6 C???
    109th Poistion
    8009CCB8 C???
    110th Poistion
    8009CCBA C???
    111st Poistion
    8009CCBC C???
    112nd Poistion
    8009CCBE C???
    113rd Poistion
    8009CCC0 C???
    114th Poistion
    8009CCC2 C???
    115th Poistion
    8009CCC4 C???
    116th Poistion
    8009CCC6 C???
    117th Poistion
    8009CCC8 C???
    118th Poistion
    8009CCCA C???
    119th Poistion
    8009CCCC C???
    120th Poistion
    8009CCCE C???
    121st Poistion
    8009CCD0 C???
    122nd Poistion
    8009CCD2 C???
    123rd Poistion
    8009CCD4 C???
    124th Poistion
    8009CCD6 C???
    125th Poistion
    8009CCD8 C???
    126th Poistion
    8009CCDA C???
    127th Poistion
    8009CCDC C???
    128th Poistion
    8009CCDE C???
    129th Poistion
    8009CCE0 C???
    130th Poistion
    8009CCE2 C???
    131st Poistion
    8009CCE4 C???
    132nd Poistion
    8009CCE6 C???
    133rd Poistion
    8009CCE8 C???
    134th Poistion
    8009CCEA C???
    135th Poistion
    8009CCEC C???
    136th Poistion
    8009CCEE C???
    Item modifiers[part 2]-
    137th Poistion
    8009CCF0 C???
    138th Poistion
    8009CCF2 C???
    139th Poistion
    8009CCF4 C???
    140th Poistion
    8009CCF6 C???
    141st Poistion
    8009CCF8 C???
    142nd Poistion
    8009CCFA C???
    143rd Poistion
    8009CCFC C???
    144th Poistion
    8009CCFE C???
    145th Poistion
    8009CD00 C???
    146th Poistion
    8009CD02 C???
    147th Poistion
    8009CD04 C???
    148th Poistion
    8009CD06 C???
    149th Poistion
    8009CD08 C???
    150th Poistion
    8009CD0A C???
    151st Poistion
    8009CD0C C???
    152nd Poistion
    8009CD0E C???
    153rd Poistion
    8009CD10 C???
    154th Poistion
    8009CD12 C???
    155th Poistion
    8009CD14 C???
    156th Poistion
    8009CD16 C???
    157th Poistion
    8009CD18 C???
    158th Poistion
    8009CD1A C???
    159th Poistion
    8009CD1C C???
    160th Poistion
    8009CD1E C???
    161st Poistion
    8009CD20 C???
    162nd Poistion
    8009CD22 C???
    163rd Poistion
    8009CD24 C???
    164th Poistion
    8009CD26 C???
    165th Poistion
    8009CD28 C???
    166th Poistion
    8009CD2A C???
    167th Poistion
    8009CD2C C???
    168th Poistion
    8009CD2E C???
    169th Poistion
    8009CD30 C???
    170th Poistion
    8009CD32 C???
    171st Poistion
    8009CD34 C???
    172nd Poistion
    8009CD36 C???
    173rd Poistion
    8009CD38 C???
    174th Poistion
    8009CD3A C???
    175th Poistion
    8009CD3C C???
    176th Poistion
    8009CD3E C???
    177th Poistion
    8009CD40 C???
    178th Poistion
    8009CD42 C???
    179th Poistion
    8009CD44 C???
    180th Poistion
    8009CD46 C???
    181st Poistion
    8009CD48 C???
    182nd Poistion
    8009CD4A C???
    183rd Poistion
    8009CD4C C???
    184th Poistion
    8009CD4E C???
    185th Poistion
    8009CD50 C???
    186th Poistion
    8009CD52 C???
    187th Poistion
    8009CD54 C???
    188th Poistion
    8009CD56 C???
    189th Poistion
    8009CD58 C???
    190th Poistion
    8009CD5A C???
    191st Poistion
    8009CD5C C???
    192nd Poistion
    8009CD5E C???
    193rd Poistion
    8009CD60 C???
    194th Poistion
    8009CD62 C???
    195th Poistion
    8009CD64 C???
    196th Poistion
    8009CD66 C???
    197th Poistion
    8009CD68 C???
    198th Poistion
    8009CD6A C???
    199th Poistion
    8009CD6C C???
    200th Poistion
    8009CD6E C???
    201st Poistion
    8009CD70 C???
    202nd Poistion
    8009CD72 C???
    203rd Poistion
    8009CD74 C???
    204th Poistion
    8009CD76 C???
    205th Poistion
    8009CD78 C???
    206th Poistion
    8009CD7A C???
    207th Poistion
    8009CD7C C???
    208th Poistion
    8009CD7E C???
    209th Poistion
    8009CD80 C???
    210th Poistion
    8009CD82 C???
    211th Poistion
    8009CD84 C???
    212th Poistion
    8009CD86 C???
    213th Poistion
    8009CD88 C???
    214th Poistion
    8009CD8A C???
    215th Poistion
    8009CD8C C???
    216th Poistion
    8009CD8E C???
    217th Poistion
    8009CD90 C???
    218th Poistion
    8009CD92 C???
    219th Poistion
    8009CD94 C???
    220th Poistion
    8009CD96 C???
    221st Poistion
    8009CD98 C???
    222nd Poistion
    8009CD9A C???
    223rd Poistion
    8009CD9C C???
    224th Poistion
    8009CD9E C???
    225th Poistion
    8009CDA0 C???
    226th Poistion
    8009CDA2 C???
    227th Poistion
    8009CDA4 C???
    228th Poistion
    8009CDA6 C???
    229th Poistion
    8009CDA8 C???
    230th Poistion
    8009CDAA C???
    231st Poistion
    8009CDAC C??? 
    232nd Poistion
    8009CDAE C???
    233rd Poistion
    8009CDB0 C???
    234th Poistion
    8009CDB2 C???
    235th Poistion
    8009CDB4 C???
    236th Poistion
    8009CDB6 C???
    237th Poistion
    8009CDB8 C???
    238th Poistion
    8009CDBA C???
    239th Poistion
    8009CDBC C???
    240th Poistion
    8009CDBE C???
    241st Poistion
    8009CDC0 C???
    242nd Poistion
    8009CDC2 C???
    243rd Poistion
    8009CDC4 C???
    244th Poistion
    8009CDC6 C???
    245th Poistion
    8009CDC8 C???
    246th Poistion
    8009CDCA C???
    247th Poistion
    8009CDCC C???
    248th Poistion
    8009CDCE C???
    249th Poistion
    8009CDD0 C???
    250th Poistion
    8009CDD2 C???
    251st Poistion
    8009CDD4 C???
    252nd Poistion
    8009CDD6 C???
    253rd Poistion
    8009CDD8 C???
    254th Poistion
    8009CDDA C???
    255th Poistion
    8009CDDC C???
    256th Poistion
    8009CDDE C???
    257th Poistion
    8009CDE0 C???
    258th Poistion
    8009CDE2 C???
    259th Poistion
    8009CDE4 C???
    260th Poistion
    8009CDE6 C???
    261st Poistion
    8009CDE8 C???
    262nd Poistion
    8009CDEA C???
    263rd Poistion
    8009CDEC C???
    264th Poistion
    8009CDEE C???
    265th Poistion
    8009CDF0 C???
    266th Poistion
    8009CDF2 C???
    267th Poistion
    8009CDF4 C???
    268th Poistion
    8009CDF6 C???
    269th Poistion
    8009CDF8 C???
    270th Poistion
    8009CDFA C???
    271st Poistion
    8009CDFC C???
    272nd Poistion
    8009CDFE C???
    Materia modifiers-
    1st Position
    3009CE60 00??
    1st Position MASTER
    3009CE61 00FF
    8009CE62 FFFF
    2nd Position
    3009CE64 00??
    2nd Position MASTER
    3009CE65 00FF
    8009CE66 FFFF
    3rd Position
    3009CE68 00??
    3rd Position MASTER
    3009CE69 00FF
    8009CE6A FFFF
    4th Position
    3009CE6C 00??
    4th Position MASTER
    3009CE6D 00FF
    8009CE6E FFFF
    5th Position
    3009CE70 00??
    5th Position MASTER
    3009CE71 00FF
    8009CE72 FFFF
    6th Position
    3009CE74 00??
    6th Position MASTER
    3009CE75 00FF
    8009CE76 FFFF
    7th Position
    3009CE78 00??
    7th Position MASTER
    3009CE79 00FF
    8009CE7A FFFF
    8th Position
    3009CE7C 00??
    8th Position MASTER
    3009CE7D 00FF
    8009CE7E FFFF
    9th Position
    3009CE80 00??
    9th Position MASTER
    3009CE81 00FF
    8009CE82 FFFF
    10th Position
    3009CE84 00??
    10th Position MASTER
    3009CE85 00FF
    8009CE86 FFFF
    11th Position
    3009CE88 00??
    11th Position MASTER
    3009CE89 00FF
    8009CE8A FFFF
    12th Position
    3009CE8C 00??
    12th Position MASTER
    3009CE8D 00FF
    8009CE8E FFFF
    13th Position
    3009CE90 00??
    13th Position MASTER
    3009CE91 00FF
    8009CE92 FFFF
    14th Position
    3009CE94 00??
    14th Position MASTER
    3009CE95 00FF
    8009CE96 FFFF
    15th Position
    3009CE98 00??
    15th Position MASTER
    3009CE99 00FF
    8009CE9A FFFF
    16th Position
    3009CE9C 00??
    16th Position MASTER
    3009CE9D 00FF
    8009CE9E FFFF
    17th Position
    3009CEA0 00??
    17th Position MASTER
    3009CEA1 00FF
    8009CEA2 FFFF
    18th Position
    3009CEA4 00??
    18th Position MASTER
    3009CEA5 00FF
    8009CEA6 FFFF
    19th Position
    3009CEA8 00??
    19th Position MASTER
    3009CEA9 00FF
    8009CEAA FFFF
    20th Position
    3009CEAC 00??
    20th Position MASTER
    3009CEAD 00FF
    8009CEAE FFFF
    21st Position
    3009CEB0 00??
    21st Position MASTER
    3009CEB1 00FF
    8009CEB2 FFFF
    22nd Position
    3009CEB4 00??
    22nd Position MASTER
    3009CEB5 00FF
    8009CEB6 FFFF
    23rd Position
    3009CEB8 00??
    23rd Position MASTER
    3009CEB9 00FF
    8009CEBA FFFF
    24th Position
    3009CEBC 00??
    24thPosition MASTER
    3009CEBD 00FF
    8009CEBE FFFF
    25th Position
    3009CEC0 00??
    25th Position MASTER
    3009CEC1 00FF
    8009CEC2 FFFF
    26th Position
    3009CEC4 00??
    26th Position MASTER
    3009CEC5 00FF
    8009CEC6 FFFF
    27th Position
    3009CEC8 00??
    27th Position MASTER
    3009CEC9 00FF
    8009CECA FFFF
    28th Position
    3009CECC 00??
    28th Position MASTER
    3009CECD 00FF
    8009CECE FFFF
    29th Position
    3009CED0 00??
    29th Position MASTER
    3009CED1 00FF
    8009CED2 FFFF
    30th Position
    3009CED4 00??
    30th Position MASTER
    3009CED5 00FF
    8009CED6 FFFF
    31st Position
    3009CED8 00??
    31st Position MASTER
    3009CED9 00FF
    8009CEDA FFFF
    32nd Position
    3009CEDC 00??
    32nd Position MASTER
    3009CEDD 00FF
    8009CEDE FFFF
    33rd Position
    3009CEE0 00??
    33rd Position MASTER
    3009CEE1 00FF
    8009CEE2 FFFF
    34th Position
    3009CEE4 00??
    34th Position MASTER
    3009CEE5 00FF
    8009CEE6 FFFF
    35th Position
    3009CEE8 00??
    35th Position MASTER
    3009CEE9 00FF
    8009CEEA FFFF
    36th Position
    3009CEEC 00??
    36th Position MASTER
    3009CEED 00FF
    8009CEEE FFFF
    37th Position
    3009CEF0 00??
    37th Position MASTER
    3009CEF1 00FF
    8009CEF2 FFFF
    38th Position
    3009CEF4 00??
    38th Position MASTER
    3009CEF5 00FF
    8009CEF6 FFFF
    39th Position
    3009CEF8 00??
    39th Position MASTER
    3009CEF9 00FF
    8009CEFA FFFF
    40th Position
    3009CEFC 00??
    40th Position MASTER
    3009CEFD 00FF
    8009CEFE FFFF
    41st Position
    3009CF00 00??
    41st Position MASTER
    3009CF01 00FF
    8009CF02 FFFF
    42nd Position
    3009CF04 00??
    42nd Position MASTER
    3009CF05 00FF
    8009CF06 FFFF
    43rd Position
    3009CF08 00??
    43rd Position MASTER
    3009CF09 00FF
    8009CF0A FFFF
    44th Position
    3009CF0C 00??
    44th Position MASTER
    3009CF0D 00FF
    8009CF0E FFFF
    45th Position
    3009CF10 00??
    45th Position MASTER
    3009CF11 00FF
    8009CF12 FFFF
    46th Position
    3009CF14 00??
    46th Position MASTER
    3009CF15 00FF
    8009CF16 FFFF
    47th Position
    3009CF18 00??
    47th Position MASTER
    3009CF19 00FF
    8009CF1A FFFF
    48th Position
    3009CF1C 00??
    48th Position MASTER
    3009CF1D 00FF
    8009CF1E FFFF
    49th Position
    3009CF20 00??
    49th Position MASTER
    3009CF21 00FF
    8009CF22 FFFF
    50th Position
    3009CF24 00??
    50th Position MASTER
    3009CF25 00FF
    8009CF26 FFFF
    In-battle codes(turn off when not in battle)-
    Infinite HP Slot 1
    800F840C FFFF
    Infinite HP Slot 2
    800F8474 FFFF
    Infinite HP Slot 3
    800F84DC FFFF
    Infinite MP Slot 1
    800F8408 03E7
    Infinite MP Slot 2
    800F8470 03E7
    Infinite MP Slot 3
    800F84D8 03E7
    Limit Speeds up Slot 1
    800F5E6A 00FF
    Limit Speeds up Slot 2
    800F5E9E 00FF
    Limit Speeds up Slot 3
    800F5ED2 00FF
    Time Speeds up Slot 1
    800F5BBC FFF0
    Time Speeds up Slot 2
    800F5C00 FFF0
    Time Speeds up Slot 3
    800F5C44 FFF0
    Straight to Level 99
    801FFDD6 0100
    8009D7DA 0100
    Misc. codes-
    Time in Menu stops
    8009D264 0000
    Save Anywhere
    8009D2A6 0000
    Infinite Gil
    8009D260 FFFF
    AP Modifier After Battles [Note1]
    8009D7DC ????
    Experience Modifier After Battles [Note 1]
    8009D7D8 ????
    No Random Battles (World Map)
    8011627C 0000
    No Random Battle (Elsewhere)
    8007173C 0000
    Character Modifier 3rd Position
    8009CBDE FF??
    Gold Point Modifier-Golden Saucer [Note 1]
    8009D3D2 ????
    Battle Point Modifier-Golden Saucer [Note 1]
    8009D3D8 ????
    Turn Any Growing Chocobo Into a Gold Chocobo [Note 4]
    8009BC4E 0400
    Learn Enemy Specials
    8009B5F8 FF2C
    8009B5FA FFFF
    Gold Chocobo Code [Note 4]
    800E5674 0004
    Midgar Door Activator [Note 5]
    80074F16 0004
    Change Overworld Music Modifier [Note 6]
    801159E0 00??
    Quanity digits-
    Materia digits-
    00 - MP Plus
    01 - HP Plus
    02 - Speed Plus
    03 - Magic Plus
    04 - Luck Plus
    05 - EXP. Plus
    06 - Gil Plus
    07 - Enemy Away
    08 - Enemy Plus
    09 - Chocobo Plus
    0A - Pre-emptive
    0B - Long Range
    0C - Mega All
    0D - Counter Attack
    0E - Slash All
    0F - Double Cut
    10 - Cover
    11 - Underwater (Now a Real Materia)
    12 - HP (-)
    13 - W-Magic
    14 - W-Summon
    15 - W-Item
    16 - (No Name-Actually Booster)
    17 - All
    18 - Counter
    19 - Magic Counter
    1A - MP Turbo
    1B - MP Absorb
    1C - HP Absorb
    1D - Elemental
    1E - Added Effect
    1F - Sneak Attack
    20 - Final Attack
    21 - Added Cut
    22 - Steal
    23 - Quadra Magic
    24 - Steal
    25 - Sense
    26 - (No Name, Actually Law)
    27 - Throw
    28 - Morph
    29 - Deathblow
    2A - Manipulate
    2B - Mime
    2C - Enemy Skill
    2D - (Glitch)
    2E - (Glitch)
    2F - (Glitch)
    30 - Master Command
    31 - Fire
    32 - Ice
    33 - Earth
    34 - Lightning
    35 - Restore
    36 - Heal
    37 - Revive
    38 - Seal
    39 - Mystify
    3A - Transform
    3B - Exit
    3C - Poison
    3D - Demi
    3E - Barrier
    3F - (No Name, Actually Mabarrier)
    40 - Comet
    41 - Time
    42 - (No Name, Actually Reflect)
    43 - (No Name, Actually Rifuabu)
    44 - Destruct
    45 - Contain
    46 - Full Cure
    47 - Shield
    48 - Ultima
    49 - Master Magic
    4A - Choco/Mog
    4B - Shiva
    4C - Ifrit
    4D - Titan
    4E - Ramuh
    4F - Odin
    50 - Leviathan
    51 - Bahamut
    52 - Kjata
    53 - Alexander
    54 - Phoenix
    55 - Neo Bahamut
    56 - Hades
    57 - Typoon
    58 - Bahamut ZERO
    59 - Knights of Round
    5A - Master Summon
    89 - (Glitch)
    Character digits-
    00 - Cloud Strife
    01 - Barett Wallace
    02 - Tifa Rockheart
    03 - Aerith Gainsborough [Note 3]
    04 - Red 13
    05 - Yuffie Kisaragi
    06 - Cait Sith (sometimes, Young Cloud)
    07 - Vincent Valentine (sometimes, Sephiroth)
    08 - Cid Hiwind
    09 - (Young Cloud)
    0A - (Sephiroth)
    0B - (Chocobo)
    0C - ('Nau Purintingu'-Now Printing)
    0D - ('Nau Purintingu'-Now Printing)
    Item digits-
    600 - Potion
    601 - Hi-Potion
    602 - X-Potion
    603 - Ether
    604 - Turbo Ether
    605 - Elixir
    606 - Megaelixir
    607 - Phoenix Down
    608 - Andidote
    609 - Soft
    60A - Maiden's Kiss
    60B - Cornucopia
    60C - Echo Screen
    60D - Hyper
    60E - Tranquilizer
    60F - Remedy
    610 - Smoke Bomb
    611 - Speed Drink
    612 - Hero Drink
    613 - Vaccine
    614 - Grenade
    615 - Shrapnel
    616 - Right Arm
    617 - Hourglass
    618 - Kiss of Death
    619 - Spider Web
    61A - Dream Powder
    61B - Mute Mask
    61C - War Gong
    61D - Loco Weed
    61E - Fire Wang
    61F - Fire Veil
    620 - Antartic Wind
    621 - Ice Crystal
    622 - Bolt Plume
    623 - Swift Bolt
    624 - Earth Drum
    625 - Earth Mallet
    626 - Deadly Waste
    627 - M-Tentacles
    628 - Stardust
    629 - Vampire Fang
    62A - Ghost Hand
    62B - Vagyrisk Claw
    62C - Light Curtain
    62D - Lunar Curtain
    62E - Mirror
    62F - Holy Torch
    630 - Bird Wing
    631 - Dragon Scales
    632 - Impaler
    633 - Shrivel
    634 - Eye Drop
    635 - Molotov
    636 - S-Mine
    637 - 8-Inch Cannon
    638 - Graviball
    639 - T/S Bomb
    63A - Ink
    63B - Dazers
    63C - Dragon Fang
    63D - Cauldron
    63E - Sylkis Greens
    63F - Reagan Greens
    640 - Mimett Greens
    641 - Curiel Greens
    642 - Pahsana Greens
    643 - Tantal Greens
    644 - Krakka Greens
    645 - Gysahl Greens
    646 - Tent
    647 - Power Source
    648 - Guard Source
    649 - Magic Source
    64A - Mind Source
    64B - Speed Source
    64C - Luck Source
    64D - Zeio Nut
    64E - Carob Nut
    64F - Porov Nut
    650 - Pram Nut
    651 - Lasan Nut
    652 - Saraha Nut
    653 - Luchile Nut
    654 - Pepio Nut
    655 - Battery
    656 - Tissue
    657 - Omnislash
    658 - Catastrophe
    659 - Final Heaven
    65A - Great Gospel
    65B - Cosmo Memory
    65C - All Creation
    65D - Chaos
    65E - Highwind
    65F - 1/35 Soldier
    660 - Super Sweeper
    661 - Masamune Blade
    662 - Save Crystal
    663 - Combat Diary
    664 - Autograph
    665 - Gambler
    666 - Desert Rose (New)
    667 - Earth Harp (New)
    668 - Guide Book
    669-67F - (Blank)
    680 - Buster Sword
    681 - Mythril Saber
    682 - Hard Edge
    683 - Butterfly Edge
    684 - Enhance Sword
    685 - Organics
    686 - Crystal Sword
    687 - Force Stealer
    688 - Rune Blade
    689 - Murasame
    68A - Nail Bat
    68B - Yoshiyuki
    68C - Apocalypse
    68D - Heaven's Cloud
    68E - Ragnarok
    68F - Ultima Weapon
    690 - Leather Glove
    691 - Metal Knuckle
    692 - Mythril Claw
    693 - Grand Glove
    694 - Tiger Fang
    695 - Diamond Knuckle
    696 - Dragon Claw
    697 - Crystal Glove
    698 - Motor Drive
    699 - Platinum Fist
    69A - Kaiser Knuckle
    69B - Work Glive
    69C - Power Soul
    69D - Master Fist
    69E - God's Hand
    69F - Premium Heart
    6A0 - Gatling Gun
    6A1 - Assault Gun
    6A2 - Cannon Ball
    6A3 - Atomic Scissors
    6A4 - Heavy Vulcan
    6A5 - Chainsaw
    6A6 - Microlaser
    6A7 - A*M Cannon
    6A8 - W Machine Gun
    6A9 - Drill Arm
    6AA - Solid Bazooka
    6AB - Rocket Punch
    6AC - Enemy Launcher
    6AD - Pile Banger
    6AE - Max Ray
    6AF - Missing Score
    6B0 - Mythril Clip
    6B1 - Diamond Pin
    6B2 - Silver Barrette
    6B3 - Gold Barrette
    6B4 - Adaman Clip
    6B5 - Crystal Comb
    6B6 - Magic Comb
    6B7 - Plus Barrette
    6B8 - Centclip
    6B9 - Hairpin
    6BA - Seraph Comb
    6BB - Behimoth Horn
    6BC - Spring Gun Clip
    6BD - Limited Moon
    6BE - Guard Stick
    6BF - Mythril Rod
    6C0 - Full Metal Staff
    6C1 - Striking Staff
    6C2 - Prism Staff
    6C3 - Aurora Rod
    6C4 - Wizard Staff
    6C5 - Wizer Staff
    6C6 - Fairy Tale
    6C7 - Umbrella
    6C8 - Princess Guard
    6C9 - Spear
    6CA - Slash Lance
    6CB - Trident
    6CC - Mast Axe
    6CD - Partisan
    6CE - Viper Halberd
    6CF - Javelin
    6D0 - Grow Lance
    6D1 - Mop
    6D2 - Dragoon Lance
    6D3 - Scimitar
    6D4 - Flayer
    6D5 - Spirit Lance
    6D6 - Venus Gospel
    6D7 - 4-Point Shuriken
    6D8 - Boomerang
    6D9 - Pinwheel
    6DA - Razor Ring
    6DB - Hawkeye
    6DC - Crystal Cross
    6DD - Wind Slash
    6DE - Twin Viper
    6DF - Spiral Shuriken
    6E0 - Shotgunball
    6E1 - Magic Shuriken
    6E2 - Rising Sun
    6E3 - Oritsuru
    6E4 - Conformer
    6E5 - Yellow M-Phone
    6E6 - Green M-Phone
    6E7 - Blue M-Phone
    6E8 - Red M-Phone
    6E9 - Crystal M-Phone
    6EA - White M-Phone
    6EB - Black M-Phone
    6EC - Silver M-Phone
    6ED - Trumpet Shell
    6EE - Gold M-Phone
    6EF - Battle Trumpet
    6F0 - Starlight Phone
    6F1 - HP Shout
    6F2 - Quicksilver
    6F3 - Shotgun
    6F4 - Shortbarrel
    6F5 - Lariat
    6F6 - Winchester
    6F7 - Peacemaker
    6F8 - Buntline
    6F9 - Long Barrel R
    6FA - Silver Rifle
    6FB - Sniper CR
    6FC - Shotgunshot ST
    6FD - Outsider
    6FE - Death Penalty
    6FF - Masamune
    700 - Bronze Bangle
    701 - Iron Bangle
    702 - Titan Bangle
    703 - Mythril Armlet
    704 - Carbon Bangle
    705 - Silver Armlet
    706 - Gold Armlet
    707 - Diamond Bangle
    708 - Crystal Bangle
    709 - Platinum Bangle
    70A - Rune Armlet
    70B - Edincoat
    70C - Wizard Braceletlet
    70D - Adaman Bangle
    70E - Gigas Armlet
    70F - Imperial Guard
    710 - Aegis Armlet
    711 - Fourth Bracelet
    712 - Warrior Bangle
    713 - Shinra Beta
    714 - Shinra Alpha
    715 - Four Slots
    716 - Fire Armlet
    717 - Aurora Armlet
    718 - Bolt Armlet
    719 - Dragon Armlet
    71A - Minerva Band
    71B - Escort Guard
    71C - Mystile
    71D - Ziedrich
    71E - Precious Watch
    71F - Chocobracelet
    720 - Power Wrist
    721 - Protect Vest
    722 - Earring
    723 - Talisman
    724 - Choco Feather
    725 - Amulet
    726 - Champion Belt
    727 - Poison Ring
    728 - Touph Ring
    729 - Circlet
    72A - Star Pendant
    72B - Silver Glasses
    72C - Headband
    72D - Fairy Ring
    72E - Jem Ring
    72F - White Cape
    730 - Sprint Shoes
    731 - Peace Ring
    732 - Ribbon
    733 - Fire Ring
    734 - Ice Ring
    735 - Bolt Ring
    736 - Tetra Elemental
    737 - Safety Bit
    738 - Fury Ring
    739 - Curse Ring
    73A - Protect Ring
    73B - Cat's Bell
    73C - Reflect Ring
    73D - Water Ring
    73E - Sneak Glove
    73F - HypnoCrown
    Music digits-
    01 - Normal Overworld Music
    02 - Chocobo Music
    03 - Airship Music
    04 - Battle Music
    Notes (When you see a code that says [note 1,2,etc.] you come down here to
    see how to put the code in properly)-
    Note 1: For Exp Modifier codes, use 'FFFF' for Quick Level Gain, and
    AP Code, use 'C350' for 50000 AP
    Note 2: Only enable one of the 7777 codes, if both are enabled Cloud
    will be the only person to attack
    Note 3: Aeris. If you use the code to get Aeris the game doesn't think
    she's a part of your team (go to any characters materia screen then click
    on 'Arrange' then on 'Exchange' to get everybody's names except Aeris. I
    figured out how to trick the game: go to the Battle Square in the Golden
    Saucer fight one battle with her and she is now shown as a part of your
    Note 4: When riding a normal Chocobo, activate the Start With Gold
    Chocobo Code, and it will gain all the abilities of a gold chocobo (go over
    mountains, oceans, etc.) You can't do this with wild chocobos that you
    catch you have to catch a chocobo, send it to the Chocobo Farm, name it
    and ride it out of the farm, then activate the code. This effectively
    you from using this code until about halfway through Disc 2 when the
    option of chocobo breeding is available to you. Secondly, you can't leave
    the World Map while the code is on, so you'll have to turn off the code
    before entering any area. When you come back out, the Chocobo will
    have reverted to normal, so you'll have to get back on and flip the switch
    up again to re-activate the code.
    Note 5: As soon as game is loaded turn the Game Shark off, then walk
    up to Midgar door and turn the Game Shark on, walk thru door then turn
    the Game Shark off and explore Midgar freely on the first Disc. To exit
    Midgar turn the Game Shark on, step out of the gate, then turn the Game
    Shark off again. These steps will avoid the game freezing.
    Note 6: While the code is on when you start the game if the music is not
    different, just go into town then back out again. 0004 will change it to
    battle music.
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