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FIFA 97 Cheats

    WARNING: The following cheats do not work. They were part of a joke perpetrated by a fan of Hong Kong soccer. To our knowledge there are no fifa 97 cheats that do work. Enjoy the joke and have a laugh on the Hong Kong fan who subitted these cheats.

    BTW: We have had hudreds of emails on the fifa 97 cheats. Many people thinking they were real have tried them until their fingers hurt. Please contact the perpetrator of this hoax for retribution.

    Set the system date on your computer to February 29, 1997, to enable these cheats. Select the Singapore team, and while you're playing the game, key in the following cheat codes. Type the following codes to achieve the desired result:

To set the system date in Windows 95, simply right click on the date in the Start menu bar at the bottom of the screen and select Adjust Date and Time. Select the correct date from the calendar and click on the Apply key and close the window.

  • CANTONA enables player to deliver flying kick to spectator
  • KAYU forces referee to conduct the match in his underwear
  • KELONG gives access to hidden players like Abbas Saad and Michael Vana
  • LAOCHIAO gives access to hidden players like Quah Kim Song and Dollah Kassim
  • LTH forces opponent to score on himself

    These cheats are reportedly bogus. Many people have written in to comment on their bogus nature. We believe the cheats were a joke about someone's favorite Hong Kong teams.If you know some real cheats, send us some email, and we will publish them here.


    Computer Gaming World says these cheats work in their various cheat articles. Go figure.


    Date: Thu, 29 Feb 1996 18:27:34 +0100
    From: zorro@computech.it
    1. Refer to Fifa '97 cheat's : In which P.C. ( produced in this century!) is possible to set the date 29 february 1997 in the computer system? Goodbye Zorro
    2. Subject: hello from cyprus!!!!! i have a problem
      From: panayiotis kolios@cytanet.com.cy
      i didn't manage to set the system date on my computer to February 29, 1997,and i would appriciate if you tell me how i can change it please. please send me an e-mail the fastest you can because i can wait to use those cheatsthank you very much. byebye, panayiotis kolios, kolios@cytanet.com.cy
    3. From: Christoffer Matinmikko pirjo.m@swipnet.se
    4. From: Fauzer Simao Abrao, Jr. fauzera@microsoft.com
      . Hi, I'm trying to use the cheat for FIFA 97 but it doesn't work. Every time I change the system date, it changes for 29 Fev 97 but when I put the mouse over the hour on my taskbar it shows me 29 Fev 96 and not 97. When I enter the game and during the match (for example Singapore X Germany, where I'm playing with Singapore) and I enter the codes, nothing happens. When I press Y (in KAYU) the field texture disappears. When I press T (in LTH) the supporters in the stadium disappears. Can you help me? (If not, do you know who can help me with this?) How can I make this cheat work? Thank you in advance. Please answer to
    5. From: Palmer Brad Palmer
      Hi. My name is Brad Palmer and I was severly pissed off that someone had set all of us up. This is an e-mail adress which may be relevant so you can hurl abuse at them. jggah@mbox2.singnet.com.sg I haven't tried it myself but it could be fun. Thanks for the warning.
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