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By Al Giovetti
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Fallout Cheats

Type the following cheats to achieve the desired result.

    Cheat Downloads

  1. Hex Cheat DownloadThis cheat requires you to have knowledge of hexidecimal code and search the file for the correct data, we suggest you do not change attributes above 10 each, or 0A in hex code, and skills above 100, or 64 in hex code.
  2. Really Superior Hacked Save Game File Download, hacked by Byron Smith
  3. Hacked Save Game Download
  4. Hacked Save Games Download
  5. Character Editor Download
  6. UGE Module Download requires UGE program to use
  7. UGE Program Download read included documentation for how to use
  8. Demo Game Hack Table Download
  9. Fallout Cheat Download


  10. This cheat gives you unlimited turns to shoot at the bad guys without giving them a chance to shoot at you, but only works with the demo version of the game.
    Step one: Get into the combat mode.
    Step two: Take ammo for a gun and put it in to your hands (only ammo should be in your hand!)
    Step three: come close to a guy and click on target to shoot him! Step four: HE will say something like "Did your mama tought you that move?!" or something.
    Once this happens you have unlimited turns when you walk and shoot in combat.
  11. There is one way to stay at "transparent" stage forever without a stealth-boy! This is very useful when you enter the military base! Carry a stealth boy and enter the cathedral. Set the nuclear bomb which is located at basement of the cathedral. Turn on your stealth boy (as one of the item in hand) while you are on the way out. Once you exit the cathedral, run to the edge of the map (where you can exit to the world map). As soon as you hit the edge, click on the stealth boy and it will turn into somthing else. At this moment, you should stay at transparent stage forever, even without a stealth boy!!! When you enter the military base, super mutants will not be able to see you unless you "open fire" in the close range. In another word, if you open fire at long range, they will not be able to counter attack you. have fun. From: ArchAngel austinc@azstarnet.com Austin
  12. After killing the entire Deathclaws including their Mother Deathclaw and the eggs, head back to the Gun Runners and speak to the guard at the bridge, ask "I need to speak to Gabriel... it is very important" (he'll let you through) then go see Gabriel and ask for "Weapons and Ammos" (as a reward for killing off the Deathclaws) after that you will get 1000 experince points plus your Karma will go up 1 point! Then head BACK to the Deathclaw warehouse and then go back to the Gun Runners base again! (it will reset everything in the Gun Runners base) now repeat the first step (the point where you speak to the guard on the bridge) and repeat the process!
  13. In the boneyard you can take the mission from the mayor to kill the leader of the blades. Once you have killed the leader, talk to the mayor and when he asks "is she dead" answer yes and you get 2000. Talk to him again and gain more money. "Björn"
  14. Cheat: Tell the caravan woman at the hub in green you want a job. Go back to her on the day of the caravan run and say you have other things to do. Then go to the entrance of the hub where the caravans are and talk to the caravan leader. He will give you 600 caps. Repeat as many times as you want. by william kim
  15. second cheat: Go to Junktown and find out Doc Morbid is selling human body parts in the hub. Go to the hub. save. Go to Iguana Bob and bribe him for as much money. Raise the payment to at least 2000 or so. (You will have to load your game if he loses his temper.) Then collect the money just by saying "nothing,bye" If you come another day raise the payment a little. Only this way can you recieve money. by william kim
  16. This is not really a cheat. Press down shift as you click credits. You will hear some quotes. May not be appropriate for all ages by william kim
  17. when you start the game make sure you have a gambeling skill of at least 55% or more then when you reach the hub go to the maltise falcon casino (it will be in the downtown area) talk to the roulet dealer (funny enough the roulet dealer will be standing at the craps table, he will be the big guy wearing the wight shirt) and then when he askes you how much you want to bet hold down 1 and 4 along the top of your key board. this cheat work with all versions of the game and all install sizes. sincerly James burns


  1. Fallout Walkthrough
  2. Fallout Walkthrough by Peter Chen
  3. Fallout Strategy Guide Walkthrough by Chris Taylor and Tim Cain
  4. Fallout Trainer Download I made this using "Magic Trainer Creator" program. It gives you: -Unlimited moves -God mode Might only work with full install. From: Goh Siew gkltan@singnet.com

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  1. From: Gerry Regnier cbarrett@teluplanet.net
    This cheat code listed here for fallout doesn't work. I've tried several times and get no results. Do you take the ammo from your own weapon and place it in your hand or any ammo. I've tried both but have had no luck in applying this cheat code at all. If I'm missing something please help I can't get any targeting up with just ammo in my hand.
    ANSWER: This cheat only works with the DEMO version of the game.
  2. From: Henderson Mark
    I need help. Your Fallout cheat doesn't work. I go in combat with only ammo in my hand and I can't get the target arrow to hit the person and miss or hit them.
  3. From: Al Gesek awgj@concentric.net
    Does this cheat only work with the shareware version of Fallout? I can not get the cheat code to work. Any help would be great. Thanks, AWGJ
    Answer: You hit the nail on the head.
  4. From: "Lafrance" lafrance@efni.com
    When I thry to download any of your cheats for Fallout they never work. Like your editors and other stuff. Is it you or is it me, if it's me any suggestions on how to fix it. PPPPPLLLLLLLEEEEEEAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEE e-mail me back it would mean a great deal to me thank you very much. lafrance@efni.com, thanks again(-:
  5. From: Gavin Davies gavind@ois.net.au
    this does not work how get target with inly ammo I cant do it hhhhhheeeeeeeeeelllpppppp
  6. From: James Fields mjfields@bconnex.net
    Greetings, I am looking for a fallout charectar editor (trainer). I have already solved the game but there are multiple endings i would like to see. I you come across an editor please e-mail me
  7. From: "DJ NeXuS" johnnyreb69@hotmail.com
    Subject: FALLOUT walkthroughs!!! Hey NONE of the links (for walkthroughs)on the fallout cheat page WORK!!!!! http://www.charm.net/~wizards/computershow/cheats/falloutcheats.htm Please fix them and if u do send me an e-mail!!!! THANKS
  8. Subject: Good Web Page! From: "Glenn Gardiner" yayiyayi@alltel.net
    I just finished looking at your fallout cheats page http://www.charm.net/~wizards/computershow/cheats/falloutcheats.htm by Al Giovetti I loved it! It had everything I needed, all in one place; thank you very much. Who is responsible for the content, anyway? The hosting site, the article writer, etc? Kudos on a great job! (I looked all over the web with no luck until I found your site using Infoseek and the phrase "fallout cheat game trainer computer editor") Glenn Gardiner gardiner@cheerful.com
  9. From: Bugbear
    Yes, do you still have the UGE Fallout module? Your link on this site is broken. Thanks.
    ans: The links to ftp2 are all broken and must be changed to ftp.

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