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By Al Giovetti
Lead Artist:

Enemy Nations Cheats

Type the following cheats to achieve the desired result.

  1. This cheat allows you to win easily. Just start a game, play for a while, save it, load as the enemy and play half-assed and when the enemy is in ruins, swich back to your original team. Hey presto, easy victory! ps. This is not an actual cheat, just a way to an easy victory and the concept is more important than the method. Feel free to improve on it. From: tony reardon tonysir@ozemail.com.au Cheat codes:

    To enter the in-game cheat mode at any time, type any code as you play (it won’t work if the game is paused). Then hit Enter. If it doesn’t seem to work, try them again. Type them carefully when you have colonists selected: Pressing certain letters can cause a selected colonist to initiate a behavior trait (for example, pressing F gives the Flee command).

    Heal your guys:

  2. gsaheal Heals all colonists (not terminated) back to full health

    Look into all rooms:

  3. gsaroof Removes all roofs (takes awhile) so you can see into rooms

    Kill the aliens:

  4. gsaswap Swaps sides (allows you to control aliens); use following the kill cheat to eliminate selected aliens
  5. gsakill Kills selected characters (your own, or swaps, selects, and kills aliens)

    Every body stop!:

  6. gsastop Stops both aliens and colonists from acting, causing them to just stand around; type it again to toggle it off. This stops them from thinking about what to do next, so they may finish a current move before they stop.

    More Weapons:

  7. gsabog Creates a BOG weapon at the cursor that when you pick it up gives you extra defense and lets you lock doors
  8. gsaknife Creates a KNIFE weapon at the cursor that when you pick it up makes you invisible to aliens (they won't go for you when they would normally see you)

    More guys:

  9. gsacmdr Creates a commander at the cursor
  10. gsamedi Creates a medical officer at the cursor
  11. gsaboff Creates a technician (boffin) at the cursor

    Win and move on:

  12. gsawin Wins the level no matter what (so you can continue to the next)

    From: steve wang and steve


Steve Wang's Enemy Infestation Page

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  1. From: randolph email Randolph
    I am looking for cheats for Enemy nations. But I can find is a lot of free demos of the game on he net and on cheats. Can you help me?
  2. From: Donna Robichaud dmtr@voyager.net>
    I need Enemy Natins codes. I am very desperate. Please email me (dmtr@voyager.net) as soon as possible. SOS SOS SOS
  3. black@austronet-hartberg.co.at (Haindl Christian) black@htb.at Organization: Blackware at http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Alley/5010
    Your Enemy Nations Cheat-Page is a big strange. There is no cheat! Just the number "1." and that was all. Is the page not ready yet? Please inform me, if the cheats are available. Spider
  4. From: Steve sbizuns@telusplanet.net
    Subject: hey im stuck. My name is Steve I need cheats for enemy nations! HELP!

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