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Doom and Doom II Cheats

If you type the plus sign (+) the cheat codes will not work. Type the following codes to achieve the desired result:


  1. Secrets List
  2. Save Game Editor
  3. IDCHOPPERS prints "Doesn't Suck-GM" and gives you the chainsaw
  4. +IDCLEVs warps to other levels, where s is level (1 to 32)
  5. IDDQD toggles invincibility on and off
  6. IDDT gives complete automap, when useds in map mode
  7. IDFA gives full heath, full armor and all guns (similar to IDKFA, but with no keys)
  8. IDKFAgives full health, full armor, all keys and guns
  9. +IDMUSxchanges music: x is music level
  10. IDMYPOSgives current position
  11. +IDCLIPturns off clipping (so you can walk through walls)
  12. IDBEHOLDx gives you the following where x is one of the following letters:
  13. R gives you the radiation suit
  14. I grants partial invisibility
  15. V gives temporary invincibility or god mode
  16. A gives full automap
  17. L provides night-vision equipment
  18. S gives berserker mode
  19. Secrets: Secret Wolf Levels- In Doom2, ID has put in two secret wolfenstein 3-d levels with wall textures from wolf3-d and some enemies from it also. Both levels are located as maps 31 and 32. How to access the levels: To get to the wolf levels there is a secret entrance in either level 15 or 16 to access the wolf levels. Easier than that is to use IDCLEV31 and warp straight to the Wolfenstein levels. Level 31 is shaped exactly as the first board in Wolfenstein and contains the entrance to the secret level 32. Level 32 is shaped as the last level of the game in Wolfenstein. The boss is the cyberdemon. Once you complete level 32 you will be warped back to level 16. Hints: Beating the last guy- The last guy in the game is a big skull with a hole in its head exposing its brain. Through its brain it fires stuff out which resurrects dead demons on the board (There are many of them there). To beat the monster, you have to move up to the top platform and activate this skull wall so that a tower rises in front of the end boss. Next go down and get on the tower by pressing the space-bar on it and lowering it. Get on top of it and ride it upwards, firing at the end boss trying to hit his exposed brain. Also, remember to take out the demon firing rockets just below the skull. Note: This board is almost impossible to beat without using god mode (IDDQD).


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