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  1. As a matter of fact...

    I was very disappointed to see how DTUM handled it when I hex-edited my stats. Here is what happened:

    I first took a character with low stats like 12's and 13's and raised them all to 18. To my surprise, when I re-loaded the game, the character sheet said 18's, but my Armor Class had not changed any for the better! Apparently, the game calculates modifiers based on your stats when you first roll them up, then never recalculates again.

    I got around this by generating a character up front that had an 18 in Wis, Dex, and a 16 in Con, since I was playing a Magic-User Cleric and needed the 18 in Wisdom for the bonus spells. I then hex edited the rest of the stats to 18, but cannot tell if they have any effect or not.

    I am somewhat dubious, though, because I raised my Strength to 22, which I felt was a safe amount if they had some sort of magical enhancement like a girdle of giant strength. In combat with a normal mace, I have routinely done 6 or 7 damage per swing, when a 22 strength means at least +9 to damage (I don't have my Player's Handbook handy).

    Are you trying it yourself? What do you think of it? Dave From: Dave Wilson

    Hex offsets are 144 and 1BE4 for stats (they store it twice in the file). I believe gold is stored at 168.

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From: Trucks2001
When will you guys get a Decsent to Undermountain Walkthru or cheats?

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