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By Al Giovetti
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Deer Hunter 2 Cheats

Type the following cheats to achieve the desired result.

    Table of Contents:

  1. Cheat Codes
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Cheat Codes

  1. camera set fox# - Foxcam! Look through the fox's eyes. Used same way as deercam.
  2. dh2tracker - Shows the deer on the map and GPS.
  3. dh2shoot - Puts you in shooting range of nearest deer.
  4. dh2deadeye - ArrowCam! Follows your shot to the target.
  5. dh2honey - Attracts deer to your location.
  6. dh2circle - Attaches you to a deer (?)
  7. dh2sightin - Sights-in your weapon without Target Range.
  8. dh2wright - Fly mode, 'nuff said.
  9. dh2doolittle - You will not spook animals.
  10. camera set deer1 - DeerCam! The number is for different deer.
  11. camera set player - Look through the hunter's eyes. (?)
  12. dh2flash - Makes you run very fast.
  13. dh2supaflash - Makes you run very fast like the Bionic Man.
  14. dh2thunder - Makes it thunder.
  15. dh2light - Makes it lightning.
  16. dh2rain - Makes it rain.
  17. Dh2snow - Makes it snow.
  18. dh2blizzard - Cycles weather more quickly.
  19. dh2deerzilla - Giant deer. (?)
  20. camera set crow# - Crowcam!
  21. dh2shootin the code teleports you directly to the nearest deer. From: Stephen Carter c/o John D. Sanders
  22. dh2honeybuns-attracts deer to you
  23. dh2magicbullet-camera follows bullet
  24. dh2baddream-slow bullets
  25. dh2friday13-more blood
  26. dh2swig-less weapon swing
  27. dh2shoedeal-hunter never runs out of breath
  28. dh2weatherstop-stops weather
  29. dh2showsights-shows weapon sighting status
  30. dh2caddyshack-walk around in target range
  31. dh2supatracker shows deer on map
  32. dh2bandoiler-never reload
  33. dh2lightbulb-????????
  34. dh2snowmobile-???????
  35. dh2rainbow-????????
  36. dh2flashlight-????????
  37. dh2shootout-???????
  38. dh2snowman-????? From: WILL STUBBLEFIELD


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  1. From
    i was wondering about the dh2 cheats where and or when do you type the commands in to at the name screen or in the game
    Deer Hunter (1) cheats were entered on the map screen. Try this and let me know if it works for you?
  2. From: Brandon B.Mcavoy Typing the cheats into the active game screen did not work.
  3. From: tell me whr to enter codes, i only tried to put them in as a player. cant find any whr else that takes info. ANS: Cheat codes work in different ways. They can be entered in different places: 1. If you are in the game interface, many cheats are just typed while the game is playing in the action part of the game. 2. some cheats are used as names within the name interface. 3. Some cheats are typed into the multiplayer communication box. Simply hit the chat while in multiplayer key to open the box to type into. Closing the box by hitting return or using the key again often activates the cheat. 4. Some cheats are just typed while you are in varous menu screens of the game. Did you try all these? If you have not tried all these locations, the cheats will not work.

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