Dark Sun 2 Cheats

To activate cheats, boot game with "DSUN -K911" at the dos command line. Do not use ravager to start the game. Once activated, typing the following codes during the game will give you the following cheats:

  1. T = increase level
  2. t will raise the level of one character during his turn in combat
  3. M = gives all magic
  4. Alt-F2 = gives more power during battle attacks
  5. Alt-F4 = gives you all spells (you will still have to memorize them)

    The following are other comand line parameters used after the -k911 example (dsun -k911 -s -p -m -a)

  6. -s Will start you out with all of the spells
  7. -p will start you out with all of the psyonics
  8. -m no music
  9. -a no intro

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