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Dark Reign Cheats

Type the following cheats to achieve the desired result.


  1. FAQ Download
  2. Editor Download
  3. Money Cheat DownloadUnzip into the save game directory of Dark Reign. (ie. C:\Program Files\Activision\Dark Reign\Save) . Before executing the program, make sure that you have saved the game from within the mission itself and not from within the command center menu. .
  4. Play All Levels Download
  5. Hex Workshop Download
  6. Trainer Use in Execute file directory for the game. After loading the game use Alt-TAB to select and run this file. Do not close the cheat before closing the game to avoid problems with the save game file.
  7. Skip Mission Cheat
  8. Cheat Codes
  9. Play Any Mission Cheat
  10. Freedom Guard File Edit Cheat
  11. Access the Death Blow Level (Level 13)
  12. Use the Game Scenerio Editor to give yourself more forces

    Text of cheats:

  1. Use the Game Scenerio Editor to give yourself more forces Mike gives us this cheat: Backup your entire scenerio directory to another directory. Use the "Construction Kit" scenerio editor included with the game to edit the missions. Give yourself as many nasty forces as you need to defeat the enemy. Then play the scenerio normally.
  2. Access the Death Blow Level (Level 13): There's another level after the 12th one : Death Blow. To activate it, go to the level selection screen and click on the spiral after you've completed Level 12.
  3. Freedom Guard File Edit Cheat: I've managed to work out how to cheat at Dark Reign!!!

    When playing the Freedom Guard the skirmish tanks always seem so fragile compared to the enemies plasma tanks. Well now you can give your skirmish tanks the same characteristics as the plasma tanks.

    There is a file called 'units.txt' in ..\darkreign\dark\deftxt dir.

    You can edit this file, search for the Freedom Guard tank settings. Look for the 'Setstrength' entry and set your units strength to around 500. There is another field which sets the price and buildtime set this to say '50 1'. This will give you cheap tough tanks for around 50 credits and they will be built really quickly.

    Note: You can do the same for the spyder bikes and tank hunters.

    Also there is a file called 'build.txt' which you can set the cost and increase the toughness of your buildings in the same way.

    This works for all missions up to the 6th one. This is because there is a dedicated dir and units.txt file for this scenario which you have to also edit in the same way.

    Trounce those Imperial swine with weapons to match their own... Ho Ho!! regards, Kevin Salter, Portsmouth UK. Email address kevin.salter@gecm.com

  4. There's another level after the 12th one : Death Blow. To activate it, go to the level selection screen and click on the spiral after you've completed Level 12.
  5. Cheat Codes: In the game main menu press SS ADN then type:
    darkpower = max. power
    darkinv = invulnerability
    dark20000 = money value 20000
  6. Skip Mission Cheat: For many of you it's simply that you are still having trouble getting past one particular mission or another. So here it is: a way to skip missions.
    In the game directory path 'Dark Reign\Dark\Shell', you'll find a file called 'shellcgf.h'. Right click on it and select properties and then un-check the 'read only' box. In this text file you'll find a section called 'menu mission buttons' under which you will see the line '#define BTN_MISSION_COEFFICIENT 150'. Change the value '150' for the value '157' so that the line reads '#define BTN_MISSION_COEFFICIENT 157'.
    That's it. Now when you run the game, you'll be able to select any mission from the dial in the shell by pressing the new 'cheat' button in the bottom left corner.
    ##it really works
    **open with notepad
    **restart game
    **select new campaign
    **U'll see the CHEAT button wording.
    Click and U 'll hear 'Wsoosh'sound.
  7. Select any mission:
    Edit the file DARK\SHELL\SHELLCFG.H and change the line "#define BTN_MISSION_COEFFICIENT 150" to "#define BTN_MISSION_COEFFICIENT 157". You can now select any mission from the dial by pressing the new CHEAT button in the bottom left corner.


Publish your own cheats right here. Just email us your text.


From: Mandy (Marc Crerar)kittaction@icon.co.za
Hi there I have accessed your site and would like to know where exactly is the Game Menu? What does it look like? Kind Regards, Marc Crerar
Answer: Marc, You need to check your game. These cheats are supposed to be added to the game's main menu area.

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