Croc Cheats article by Al Giovetti


By Al Giovetti
Lead Artist:

Croc Cheats

Type the following cheats to achieve the desired result.

  1. Hex Workshop Download

Type during the game or at the Island screen

  • argolife gives infinite lives
  • argoskip lets you warp to any level
  • This password Unlocks ALL Secrets and puts you at the last Level of the Secret 5th Island: LLLLDRRLLDRDLUR
  • All Of The Levels, + the Secret Map Enter this code to access all of the Levels, and get the Secret Map. Enter this at the password screen: LEFT, LEFT, LEFT, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, RIGHT, LEFT, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, DOWN, LEFT, UP, RIGHT. Submitted by


  • Game Hack Table Download
  • Croc Trainer Download
  • Trainer Patch


    Publish your own cheats right here. Just email us your text.


    1. Subject: Croc (Jens Hoffmann)
      Kann ich Cheats zu Croc haben??
    2. From: Mauro I would like to know why the publicated Croc cheats ARGOLIFE & ARGOSKIP do not work when I type them. Sorry if I boring you, but this is a request of my daughter. Please help me. Regards Mauro
    3. From: Ben Balzer
      I'm having trouble using the cheats. I'm having the same problem as the second letter on the page ( )- unfortunately the answers to the letters are not published on the page!! Thanks in advance Ben Balzer Sydney Australia
      ANSWER: Not all cheats work with every version of the game. Cheats (not just croc cheats, but all cheats) are either typed into the game while in the action mode or into a communication box that can be opened during the single player game which is meant for the multiplayer game. Other cheats work by signing into the game using the cheat code as your name. If none of this works, either the cheat is bogus or the cheat only works with certain versions of the game. People who submit cheats often do not tell us what versions of the game they work with and what versions they do not work with. Most are just emailed in by other game players. The company that produces, designs and distributes the game, may be of some help if you email them, but often they will not tell you about the cheat, and if they can they will issue a patch that is supposed to fix bugs, but what it really does is inactivates the cheats. Rember: Not all cheats work with every version of the game.
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