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By Al Giovetti
Lead Artist:
Publisher: Eidos Interactive

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Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines Cheats

Type the following cheats to achieve the desired result.

    Table of Contents:

  1. Cheat Codes
  2. Level Codes
  3. Bug Cheats
  4. References
  5. Letters


  6. Hex Workshop Download
  7. Trainer One: unlimited energy, special weapons ammo, machine gun ammo, and medipacks
  8. Trainer Two: unlimited ammo, first aid and energy

    Cheat Codes

  1. Type "1982GONZO" during the game. (There is no zero in this cheat code).
    If that doesn't work, try "GONZO1982" instead.
    Now, you have the following options:
  2. SHIFT+V : Trace user.
  3. SHIFT+X : Tele-transport. (place the selected commandos under your mouse cursor)
  4. CTRL+I : You are invincible.
  5. CTRL+SHIFT+N : Finish the mission.
  6. -ctrl+shift+X=destroy everythingJeannette Mac Donald
  7. -ctrl+I=you are invincibleJeannette Mac Donald
  8. -F9=cursor positionJeannette Mac Donald
  9. -ctrl+E=mission editorJeannette Mac Donald
  10. -ctrl+shift+X=destroy everythingJeannette Mac Donald

    Level Codes
    2: 4JJXB Mission
    3: ZDD1T Mission
    4: RFF1J Mission
    5: K4TCG Mission
    6: MIR4M Mission
    7: 7QVJV Mission
    8: K99XC Mission
    9: AAAX1 Mission
    10: JSGPW Mission
    11: CMODD Mission
    12: JGHD3 Mission
    13: PUUWW Mission
    14: WT348 Mission
    15: 139P0 Mission
    16: L9IPV Mission
    17: 5LIMV Mission
    18: YJOJG Mission
    19: YFCWJ Mission
    20: GDKWT

    Bug Cheat Bug/Cheat: Your Marine (Diver) can carry two other commandos in his backpack. It means a safer way of transportation, as the Diver cannot be seen while diving. On the other hand, it also could mean if the Diver dies, two of his buddies die with him. But I never experienced the death of a Diver with two buddies in his backpack so that's speculation.
    How to get two adults in a small backpack? When the Marine is deflating his boat, two commandos have to enter it. It takes a perfect timing but if it works, a small photo of the commando will appear above the backpack of the Marine. by
    Ernst Sieswerda


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    From: Paulo Pellim Junior
    Al my man I am writing from Brazil my American felow, I try the 2 trainers avaiable on your page for Commandos and it didn't work but I only tried in single player and the codes only work on the multiplayer oh by the way you can talk to Nik at to have better trainer and other stuff . See you in the net and thanx for your time.

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