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By Al Giovetti
Lead Artist:

Carmageddon Cheats

Type the following cheats to achieve the desired result.

    Final Version Cheat Codes!

  1. BIGBOTTOM - Bodywork Trashed
  2. SUPERHOOPS - Explosive Peds
  3. IGLOOFUN - Hot Rod
  4. GOGGLEPLEX - Underwater Ability
  5. SPAMFORREST - Instant Handbrake
  6. INTHELOFT - Drugs
  7. BUYOURNEXTGAME - Jelly Suspension
  8. CHICKENFODDER - Bouncey
  9. FUNNYJAM - Turbo Peds
  10. TRAMSARESUPER - Pedestrian Harvest
  11. ISLANDRULES - Vesuvian Corpses
  12. SMALLUDDERS - Giant Peds

    Another set of cheat codes;

  13. GOOGLEPLEX - Under Water Ability
  14. GIVEMELARD - Mega Bonus (loadsa Money)
  15. SPAMSPAMSPAMSPAM - Pedestrians Glued to Ground
  16. SMALLUDDERS - Giant pedestrians
  17. SUPERHOOPS - Explosive pedestrians
  18. IGLOOFUN- -Hot rod (Huge Speed Increase)
  19. FUNNYJAM - Turbo Pedestrians
  20. IHAVESOMESPAM - Gravity has Gone Strange
  21. MOOSEONTHELOOSE- - Pinball Mode
  22. CHICKENFODDER - Bouncy Bouncy
  23. BUYOURNEXTGAME - Jelly Suspension
  24. ILOVENOBBY - Pedestrians Shown on Map
  25. RUSSFORMARIO - Electro-Bastard Ray
  26. HAMSTERSEX - Blind Pedestrians
  27. NAUGHTYTORTY - Pedestrian Respawn
  28. INTHELOFT - Drugs
  29. BOYSFROMTHEBUSH - Grip-o-matic Tires
  30. TRAMSARESUPER - Pedestrian Harvest
  31. ISLANDRULES - Vesuvian Corpses
  32. RABBITDREAMER - Gravity from Jupiter
  33. BIGBOTTOM - Bodywork Trashed
  34. SPAMFORREST - Instant Handbrake
  35. SPAMFRITTERS - Free Repairs

    Submitted by Alexander Volovodov

    In the scene where you choose to go to map select, vehicle select, start race etc... type ENABLE(quickly) to be given access to all tracks and vehicles. You can now use all of the other cheats in the game... These cheats may only work in the shareware version. Download the trainer if they do not work on your version.


  36. bogbottom = boddywork trashed
  37. boysfromthebush = grip o matic tires
  38. buyyournextgame = jelly suspension
  39. chickenfodder = bouncy bouncy
  40. funnyjam = turbo peds
  41. givemelard = mega bonus
  42. goggleplex = underwater ability
  43. hamstersex = blind peds
  44. havesomespam = strange gravity
  45. igloofun = hot rod
  46. ilovenobody = peds shown on map
  47. intheloft = drugs
  48. islandrules = vesuvian corpses
  49. mooseontheloose = pinball mode
  50. naugtytorty = peds respawn
  51. russformario = peds electro bastard ray
  52. smalludders giant peds
  53. spmforrest = instand handbrake
  54. spamfritters = free reapairs
  55. spamspamspamspam = peds glued to ground
  56. superhoops = exposive peds
  57. tramsaresuper = peds on your car (when you hit them)

    these cheats must be under playing the race (clear, press hard). these cheats are from Wout Vaartjes If you want more, just e-mail me From: Fam. Vaartjes

    On the race/car selection screen type :

  58. KEVWOZEAR - This unlocks all races/all cars/all car upgrades
  59. IWANTTOFIDDLE - Unencrypt all external text files. This is great for altering with the weights/properties of objects and changing the physics of the game.
  60. Type in 'JOYRIDER' at the network race-type selection screen and you'll get access to all cars for network play. You'll need to select
  61. 'all' cars in the options screen to use them. This works with manual or random car selection.
  62. Type 'IBETYOUCANTPRINTCUNT' when in a race
  63. F4 - Swap between ingame modes, mostly for track and car editing.
  64. Download the Carmagedon Trainer.
  65. Download Saved Game
  66. Steal Any Car
  67. Steal Any Car on Network Version
  68. Extra Tracks on Network Version
  69. Extra Cars on US-UK Version
  70. All Power-Ups Demo Version
  71. New Cars Demo Version
  72. Text File Decoder Demo Version
  73. Text File Decoder Full Version
  74. Pedestrian Editor
  75. PIX Viewer
  76. MAT Viewer

First of all, when the race starts use F4 to cycle through the modes untill CHEAT MODE appears. Then all the following cheats will become availiable: (Edit mode - CHEATS:)
  1. F5 -Total repair (free).
  2. F6 -Toggle Invulnerability on/off.
  3. F7 -Adds 30 seconds to the timer.
  4. F8 -Freeze/Unfreeze timer
  5. F10 -Increment lap counter
  6. F11 -Earn 5000 credits instantly
  7. F12 -Switch between each opponents camera and your own. External view only.
  8. SHIFT-F6 -Show opponents on map.
  9. SHIFT-F7 -Adds 300 seconds to timer.
  10. SHIFT-F8 -Toggle shadow between none/your car only/all cars.
  11. SHIFT-F10 -Increment checkpoint counter
  12. SHIFT-F11 -Lose 5000 credits instantly
  13. CTRL-F8 -Toggle shadow between solid(faster)/translucent.
  14. CTRL-KEYPAD 1 -Toggle fly mode
  15. -Use normal movement keys. Keypad 5 places you on the ground(still flying). Keypad 9 and 6 changes the cars pitch.

    Power-ups(still in cheat mode)

  16. 0 -Bonus (small amount of cash)
  17. 1 -Mega bonus (big amount of cash)
  18. 2 -Pedestrians glued to ground.
  19. 3 -Giant pedestrians.
  20. 4 -Explosive pedestrians.
  21. 5 -Hot rod.
  22. 6 -Turbo pedestrians.
  23. 7 -Invulnerability.
  24. 8 -Free repairs.
  25. 9 -Instant repairs.
  26. SHIFT-0 -Timer frozen.
  27. SHIFT-1 -Underwater ability.
  28. SHIFT-2 -Time bonus.
  29. SHIFT-3 -Oh dear, body work trashed
  30. SHIFT-4 -Blow yourself up
  31. SHIFT-5 -Frozen opponents
  32. SHIFT-6 -Frozen cops
  33. SHIFT-7 -Turbo opponents
  34. SHIFT-8 -Turbo cops
  35. SHIFT-9 -Gravity has gone strange???
  36. ALT-0 -Pinball mode
  37. ALT-1 -Wall climber
  38. ALT-2 -Bouncey-Bouncey
  39. ALT-3 -Oh dear, jelly suspension!
  40. ALT-4 -Pedestrians shown on map.
  41. ALT-5 -Pedestrian extro-bastard ray.
  42. ALT-6 -Greased tyres
  43. ALT-7 -Acme damage magnifier
  44. Alt + 8 Gravity from Jupiter
  45. Alt + 9 Turbo Opponents
  46. Shift + Alt + 0 Explosive Peds
  47. Shift + Alt + 1 Bouncey Bouncey
  48. SHIFT-ALT-2 -Instant handbrake
  49. SHIFT-ALT-4 -Turbo!
  50. SHIFT-ALT-5 -Mega-Turbo!!
  51. SHIFT-ALT-6 -Blind pedestrians (to be used in conjunction with horn for a laugh)
  52. SHIFT-ALT-7 -Pedestrian respawn
  53. SHIFT-ALT-8 -5 free recovery vouchers.
  54. SHIFT-ALT-9 -Solid granite car!
  55. CTRL-0 -Rock springs!
  56. CTRL-1 -Drugs!
  57. CTRL-2 -Grip-o-matic tyres
  58. CTRL-3 -Pedestrian Harvest
  59. CTRL + 4 Vesuvian Corpses
  60. CTRL + 5 Gravity from Jupiter


Publish your own cheats right here. Just email us your text.


  1. From: Emil Davinic, Organization: Classic Art
    Please Please Please Please Please Please. I need desperetly cheats for carmagedon. I will be your slave for all my life. from slovakia
  2. From: "BG"
    I have a question concerning the ENABLE cheat. When you say type it quickly do you mean to type it as soon as the scene appears or do you mean to type it really fast?? One more question...I have a list of cheats where you type SALMONAXE then a letter or something, is ther such thing?? If so when do you type it? my email address is in case you didn't get it. sincerely, Brian
    Answer: I believe it means, type it as soon as the screen appears....
  3. From: Timothy Cousins"
    I have he full version of Carmageddon and the ENABLE code doesn't work. Does it only work with the demo? Do you have to type it in capital letters? It says type it in at the screen where it has map select, start race, etc... THERE IS NO MAP SELECT. Only start race, change race, change car, view info, and parts shop. Does it only work with network games? How do you even work network games?
  4. From: Robbert Smolders In the Race_menu(Start Race,Change Race.etc)typ "kevwozear" for all cars,races AND all garage_stuff(Include the CHEAT_STUFF,those are really cheap!)

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