By Al Giovetti
Lead Artist:

Blood Cheats

Type the following codes to achieve the desired result:

  1. BUNZ gives dual weapons, ammunition, and full weapons
  2. CALGON skips the current level
  3. CAPINMYASS turns off invincibility (god mode)
  4. COUSTEAU gives invincibility
  5. CLARICE gives 100% health
  6. EVA GALLI toggles clipping mode on and off
  7. FORK BROUSSARD no weapons, one health, and drunk mode (suicide).
  8. FUNKYSHOES gives you super jumping ability
  9. GOONIES gives you the full map
  10. GRISWOLD gives you full armor
  11. HONGKONG gives you all weapons and unlimited ammunition
  12. IDAHO gives you all weapons and unlimited ammunition
  13. JOJO makes the character drunk
  14. KEYMASTER gives you all keys
  15. LARA CROFT gives you all weapons and unlimited ammunition
  16. MCGEE sets your character on fire.
  17. MONTANA gives you all weapons, all ammunition, and all items.
  18. MPKFA gives invincibility
  19. NOCAPINMYASS makes you invincible (god mode).
  20. ONERING makes you invisable
  21. RATE displays the frame rate
  22. SATCHEL gives you all items
  23. SPORK gives you 200% health
  24. STERNO fades the game screen to black.
  25. TEQUILA gives you dual weapons

    Shareware version cheats:

  26. AMMO gives you full ammo
  27. ARMOR gives you full armor
  28. BURN sets your character on fire
  29. CLIP turns off clipping
  30. GOD gives god mode
  31. GUNS gives all weapons
  32. HEALTH gives full health
  33. KEYS gives all keys
  34. MAP gives you the full map including secret areas


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