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By Al Giovetti
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Age of Empires: Rise of Rome Cheats

Type the following cheats in the chat windowto achieve the desired result.

  1. Trainer
  2. Hex Workshop Download

Just type in these codes in the chat window:

  1. king arthur - changes birds into dragons (999 HP)
  2. pow big mamma - new unit: BabyPrez (Baby on trike) (500 HP, 50 str, 10 arm, 15 rng) From: John Knight
  3. convert this! - new priest unit ("Saint Francis"), who kills his enemies by lightning (25 HP, 200 str, 0 arm, 10 rng)
  4. stormbilly - get a sci-fi robot ("Zug 209") (100 HP, 20 str, 10 arm, 15 rng)
  5. grantlinkspence turns animals into Animal Kings From:
  6. Bigdaddy=a really cool car From: Destoges
  7. Pow big mamma=a baby on a tricycle From: Destoges
  8. woodstock=1000 wood From: Destoges
  9. quarry=1000 stone From: Destoges
  10. pepperoni pizza=1000 food From: Destoges
  11. photon man=a guy with a laser From: Destoges
  12. powten man = a baby prez appears at your town center Bermo
  13. e=mc trooper=a guy with a nucler wepon From: Destoges
  14. big bertha=catapults become Heavy catapults From: Destoges
  15. reveal map=reveals entire map From: Destoges
  16. dark rain=bow men turn into trees when not moving and can walk on water From: Destoges
  17. jack be nimble catapults launch people cool From: Destoges
  18. icbm +90 range for helipolis From: Destoges
  19. hoyohoyo=prest are 10 times faster and have 600 hit pionts From: Destoges
  20. Diediedie=computer dies From: Destoges
  21. steroids=instant build From: Destoges
  22. home run=win the scenario From: Destoges
  23. no fog=removes the fog of war From: Destoges
  24. zeus=invincibility From: Destoges
  25. young man=no population limit From: Destoges


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  1. From: Anonymous Hello, I was on your rise of rome cheat page. I downloaded the TRAINER file. I believe thats for the beta version only. Do you have a TRAINER file for the released version??? Thanks!

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