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Age of Empires Cheats

Type the following cheats to achieve the desired result.

  1. If you have the unpatched version of the game:
    To enable wood,food,gold and stone CTRL-N to make new game and return in principal menu with Single player, multiplayer... and choose Single player. Choose Campaign and now the cheat is enable. and try other CRTL-?
  2. If you have the patched version of the game:
    I can get the cheats to work by typing them in message box after hitting ENTER. If I back out and start a new game from the Menu system, I still have to type the cheats in, can't use the shortcut keys. On the AOE commands card, there is a list of all the CTRL+x commands, CTRL-N is not listed, makes me think that Microsoft may have disabled that ability. Has anyone out there been successful using the shortcut keys? I'll let you know how much success I have with some of these new cheats. I am using the patched version of the game. From: jim dupuis
  3. F5: Unknown
  4. F6: reveal all the map On/off
  5. F7: enable/disable fog of war
  6. F8: unknown
  7. F9: unknown
  8. CRTL-T -Give a menu under wood, food, gold and stone
  9. CRTL-W -Give 1000 wood
  10. CRTL-F -Give 1000 food
  11. CRTL-G -Give 1000 gold
  12. CRTL-S -Give 1000 stone
  13. CRTL-P -Put some rock when you clik left button on mouse.
  14. CTRL-Q -Quick build

    To activate these codes, go to chat mode (Enter), and then type in the following codes in all caps:

  15. MEDUSA - villagers become medusa. When villager is killed, he becomes a black rider. and if killed again becomes a heavy catapult.
  16. DIEDIEDIE - you all die (everyone dies, including you)
  17. RESIGN - you resign
  18. REVEAL MAP - reveals all the map
  19. PEPPERONI PIZZA - gives yourself 1000 food
  20. COINAGE - gives yourself 1000 gold
  21. WOODSTOCK - gives yourself 1000 wood
  22. QUARRY - gives yourself 1000 stone
  23. NO FOG - remove the fog-of-war (turns it off)
  24. HARI KARI - suicide (a more spectacular way to resign) kills all your units and buildings
  25. PHOTON MAN - get a 'Nuke Trooper' (guy /W A laser gun) From: RMK, Organization: Don't Look Down
  26. GAIA - control the animals (You loose control of your humans)
  27. FLYING DUTCHMAN - juggernaughts turn into the Flying Dutchman and can move on landTTOCS2
  28. STEROIDS - instant build or quick build
  29. HOME RUN - win the scenario, for victory From: barnesbunch, BarnesBunch
  30. KILLX - where 'X' is the players position (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8)
  31. BIGDADDY - get a cool car /W a rocket launcher From: RMK, Organization: Don't Look Down
  32. BIG BERTHA - heavy catapults have greater range (16) and damage (effect diameter of 10)
  33. ICBM - ballistias get 100 range points
  34. HOYOHOYO - priest speed up alot (speed=6), and get 600 hit points
  35. JACK BE NIMBLE - catapults fire peasants who do somersaults as they fly through the air.
  36. JACK BE NIMBLE - when catapults face north they throw cows. When facing in any other direction than north, the catapaults fire peasents, but try making the catapault face NORTH (UP) and then shoot. The result is a pleasent surprise that is good for a laugh. Rather than throwing peasents, the catapault will now shoot cows. They will only throw cows, however, when facing the NORTH. From: DMarino,
  37. E=MC2 TROOPER - get a futuristic trooper. who fires nuclear missles which explode when they hit.
  38. YOUNG MEN - for no populatoin limit. snowtic
  39. ZEUS invincibility Qing Xu
  40. ctrl+enter on the numrick keybord From: Eva

    From: Jardine Family

  41. Photon man: Laser firing man
  42. Kill# :Kill team number #
  43. Coinage 1000 gold
  44. BIg Daddy :Rocket firing car
  45. Steroids :Every thing builds fast
  46. Gaia:Control of the Animals(Cannot control your people any more.
  47. BLACK RIDER : Transforms Horse Archer into a "Black Rider." (60 Hit Points and Attack of 8). When the "Black Rider" is killed, it will turn into a Heavy Catapult. Neil Foose Jr
  48. DARK RAIN : Transforms Composite Bowmen into Stealth Bowmen, they look like trees while standing still. Neil Foose Jr


Publish your own cheats right here. Just email us your text.


  1. From: DarkErosXX
    I have the Age of Empires Trial Version currently and I've looked everywhere for cheats which can be used on it. Do you have any cheats that can be used with the Trial Version other than HomeRun? I know there are some cheats because in multiplayer you can turn them on/off. Thanks! Eros
  2. jim dupuis
    I recently downloaded the trial version of this game, it looks like they either disabled the cheat mechanism, or there isn't any. Do you know of anyone who has found any cheats in the trial version???? Thanks
  3. From: Hayong Kim
    Where or how do I use these? just type them in or is there another way? Hayong Kim, Master of the Human Race, Ego the Size of Jupiter, Stupid
  4. Subject: Re: you idiot these cheats dont work
    well the AOE cheats dont work for the multiplayer games or the single games
  5. Subject: cant get cheats to work for age of empires Mark9885
    where do you type in the cheats and do i type ctrl or is that mean then control key? Please help
    CTRL- means you hold down the control key while you hit the other keys. In Basic Keyboarding 101 we are taught that the control key is a non-repeat key that is used with other keys to change their function. In other words hold down the control key while typing the other characters. Also in some versions of the game you need to hit the Enter key before typing in the cheat code enable and codes. If you still have trouble email us.
  6. From: S. Lawrence Dumville
    Subject: Are there any cheats for trial version of AOE? Does anybody have cheats for the trial version? If you do E-mail me at my dads address at the top.)
  7. From:
    hey, i think you guys should say who the best civilization is...i've been looking for it, and i can't find it anywhere, so it would be a good idea. Mike

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