StarLancer Official Stragies and Secrets by Al Giovetti


By Al Giovetti
Price:MSRP of US $19.99, CDN $28.95 and 17.95 Net UK
Genre:Flight Simulator
Release:May 2000
Authors: Doug Radcliffe
Pages: 207
Item List: Yes
Cheats: No
Book Website:
Publisher:Sybex Game Books
Game Website:

StarLancer Official Stragies and Secrets Guide

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Pilot a series of futuristic spacecraft and engage in complex space-based missions. This official guide offers detailed walkthroughs of every scenario, comprehensive strategies for all ships and weapons, and hardcore multiplayer strategies for head-to-head combat.

Doug Radcliffe is a long-time gamer who has been seriously involved since the days of Zork and Adventure. He has written for a number of game magazines and writes strategy guides for all genres. He's written several Sybex strategy guides including Star Trek: Starfleet Command Official Strategies and Secrets and Messiah Official Strategies and Secrets

Company Line

An unrelenting population crisis has finally forced humankind to colonize outer space. The world's countries now battle to control Earth, Mars, and the entire Solar System. As a member of the 45th Volunteer Squadron, you're supplied with obsolete equipment and ships, issued the most dangerous assignments, and sent into the outer depths of space with a ragtag crew that lacks any formal military training.

Your goal is to rise within the ranks, from a lowly first lieutenant to a wing commander that calls the shots, while defeating the Coalition and earning respect for the 45th Squadron along the way. Good thing you've got this official strategy guide in hand! All the tips, tricks, and tactics you'll need to succeed are yours in this official guide from Sybex.

Inside you'll find:

Freedom Won't Be Ours until the Coalition is Crushed!


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Starlancer Cheats

Character List

Version Differences

Easter Eggs

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