Vampire: Official Strategy Guide by Al Giovetti


By Al Giovetti
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Official Strategy Guide

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Even with the deficiencies in the book, and there are many incomplete areas in the book, we found the book indespensible in getting to know the game at the lower levels of trade skills and character progression. The listing of recipies for all the trades up to level 4 was very helpful, saving the player character a trip to the guilds in distant lands until the trade skills were at the first level, which requires that you join the guild. Much of the level 1 to 50 non-magical armor is listed.

Glaring deficiencies include lack of maps for all areas (Which is not a real problem since maps are available on Final Fantasy Realm at, lack of comprehensive quests (Which is not a problem since they are available online at Allakhazam's Final Fantasy XI at /, and lack of trade skill information above level 4 of trade skills (Which is also found online.).

Incompleteness in a book that is dealing with an online massively multiplayer game in progress is to be expected in books. Even so, this incomplete book contained most of the pertenent information organized in a useful and most importantly effective way. The authors should be commended for such an extensive body of work.


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The game only has detailed maps for the city and the maps only have about ten or so non player characters identified in the town as to locations. These player characters relate to the quests described in the book. The major low-level quests are described in detail to help you get started.

Item List

The item list includes scrolls, trade items, armor, weapons, quest items and others but there is no way to search other than alphabetical order. The lists are very useful.

Actually, we found the recipies for tradeskills indespensible since the way the game teaches you trade skills is not the best. The guide makes this process easy to deal with. You want to use and item or a trade skill look it up in the Brady Games Official Strategy Guide.


This is an online game and consequently many would agree with the inappropriateness of cheats. Therefore, there are no cheats in this Brady Games guide.

Character List

There is no comprehensive NPC list. The authors have attempted to identify the most important non player characters.

Version Differences

Easter Eggs

Multi-player Features


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