Salim Jones

Salim is one of the talented Jones brothers, sons of the internationally famous entertainer, Al Jones. The Jones brothers have appeared in commercials and movies with talent like Eddie Murphy.

Salim joined the computer show filming of the Los Angeles Electronic Entertainment Expo as a Director, and his experience in filming was an invaluable asset to the film crew that toured this entertainment city for a little over a week producing over 15 hours of betacam SP film.

Salim always presents himself with a professional appearance, from his Armani suits and Italian shoes to his multilingual abilities. Salim was born and raised in Paris, France, son of international entertainer Al Jones and his french mother. Where we have worked with Salim, his cool and suave demeanor have assisted in keeping the shoot running smoothly.

Salim is no newcomer to the performing arts, since an early age he was exposed to the greasepaint through his father's work. A lot of that paint will never rub off. We are lucky to count Salim as part of our crew.