Douglas Call

Doug’s service includes active duty as a United States Air Force pilot, Air Guard pilot, and later as a reserve officer in the United States Air Force. Doug holds the rank of a Major. Doug has flown, as his regular combat aircraft, the F-4 in the states, the OV-10 over Korea where many in the know realize the Korean War never really ended, the F-16, which some claim is the greatest modern fighter, and the A-10, a kind of flying tank that can take a lot of flak as well as dish it out.

Doug has been to the U. S. Air Force Red Flag school which goes beyond the Navy’s Top Gun school to provide high level air combat training. Not only has Doug participated at Red Flag several times, but just about every U. S. Air Force school and exercise in his 18 years in a fighter cockpit, including the live fire exercises in Eglin Air Force Florida.

Doug is one of those people with the phenomenal eyes, like Chuck Yager’s 20-10 vision that allowed him (and you in Chuck Yeager’s Flight Simulator - Ed.) to see twice as far in combat. When driving around in Los Angeles looking for some game companies to talk with, Doug spotted and read signs which we could not even see. Often Doug will pick out a plane from the ground or air and identify it accurately before anyone else can even see there is a speck in the air which might be a plane.

With Doug’s 20-12 uncorrected vision, he feels a little handicapped by the flight sims of today which in his opinion have very poor situational awareness features. In fact, Doug told me that he feels like he is flying with blinders on. It is just this type of vision that allowed Doug to get several confirmed kills on an F-15s while flying in an his A-10 in a large flight combat exercise of the coast of Savannah Georgia a few years back.

When he is not playing video games, Doug is a pilot for U. S. Air, where he takes a "jump across the pond" just about every week. Doug owns his own plane which he keeps in a hanger in Maryland. Doug enjoys working air shows, teaching avionics to college students, working with the Civil Air Patrol, and playing video games with other mortals, like his son and his friends.

Doug is not just a fighter jock, he also plays games. Doug and his son play flight simulators and other games together by modem or network.

We invite you to fly along with Doug as he provides his actual experience flying combat fighters to the flight simulators available today.