Clancy F. Shaffer, "The Babe"

Clancy has agreed to write solutions for The Computer Show. Hundreds of his solutions have been published in books, magazines, and newsletters. Clancy has led thousands trapped in dank and dangerous mazes out of the confusion and into the light. You will enjoy reading his insight and wit in these pages.

Clancy is an accomplished computer writer, specializing in walkthroughs of adventure games and clue books. Clancy has been writing for at least ten years that I know of. And his writing style, especially for giving instructions in the depths of dank and dusty dungeons and the far flung reaches of outer space, shows level headed cool and a distinctive, clear style that helps to make order out of confusion.

Clancy has not always been a computer writer. His writing is the last in a long list of professions. Clancy has been a construction worker, a corporate executive, including chief executive officer and chairman or member of the board of directors of large Fortune 500 companies, such as Fairchild Camera and Instrument Company, Pitney-Bowes, and Harris Intertype Company, all the way down to the smaller companies.

Clancy is also an inventor. He is credited with several patents in Washington, not the least of these patents is a manufacturing process to produce the A-frame rafters used in most residential homes. Clancy is also credited for starting the first transistor company in the far east, proving that his experience with computers extends far into their infancy.

Clancy is an adventurer. For years Clancy ventured into parts of our untamed Earth, deep into the everglades, parts of uninhabited regions like Africa, and in the Far East. In these places, Clancy was a big game hunter and he shot with his 35 mm camera thousands of slides of nature, including animals and plants. He captured these wild images and brought them back to civilization to display them as part of talks he gave at Colleges and Universities. And later he donated these priceless pictures to educational institutions for their collections.

Clancy is an athelete. In 1928, in a small town called Amsterdam, across the pond, as we flight sim fans are wont to say, Clancy won a silver medal in the Olympics for Boxing. Clancy is a Golden Gloves boxing champion, who knew Jack Dempsey, who some say was a fair boxer. By the age of 17, Clancy had won 44 Golden Gloves matches, lost 3 and tied 3.

Clancy is a sailor. He raced from Long Island to Bermuda in 1940. He is a member and President of the Cleveland Yachting Club, where he has lunch at least once a week with Gertrude, his wife of 63 years. Clancy owns the 44-foot racing sloop "Minx" that was built in 1904 and once owned by financier J. P. Morgan. Clancy set and held the speed record for the Mackinaw race for 10 years and raced over 1,000 races before Clancy retired the Minx. Read more about Clancy and the American Challenge at