Alfred Giovetti

When it comes to games, Al is a fanatic about doing the work to support the review on an entertainment product, he finishes all the games he is assigned to review with a few notable exceptions, one game had enough dungeons in it to keep a gamer occupied for 40 years, but Al had to get the article in on a two week deadline, alas the game remains unfinished to this day. "A book review requires that you read the entire book and a movie review requires that you sit through the entire movie, so why do some game reviewers spend as little time as 15 minutes on an entertainment title? It is not right to make a decision based upon that little amount of information. A game reviewer should be held to the same standard as a book or movie reviewer. They should finish the game."

Has been an author of published books and articles since 1970. He has published dozens of books and thousands of articles on a variety of subjects, including business, accounting, taxes, real estate, investments, games, computer hardware and software, small business, science, nutrition and medicine.

Al Giovetti has worked with the following computer publications as either a contributer, columnist, writer, journalist, producer, editor, or host: The Computer Television Show, Super Software and CD ROMs, Business Week, Accounting Technology, Software News, National Public Accountant, Computer World, Compute Magazine, Computer Life, Computer Gaming World, Free State Accountant, Electronic Games, Fusion, Kids and Computers, Electronic Entertainment, PC Entertainment, PC Games, Computer Player, Video Games, Video Games and Computer Entertainment, Strategy Plus, Enchanted Realms, Blue Notes, Current Notes, APART, Genie Games Newsletter, Genie Games SIG, Destination Florida, Quest Busters, Strategy Plus, and many others. Check out a partial bibliography of Al's work over the years.

Al Giovetti has had a wide and varied work history from working as a Food and Drug Officer, Accountant, Chairman of Board of Directors, Quality Control Director, Company Supervisor, College Professor, Lecturer, Scientist, and Education Director. Al has been consultant to many organizations including the Royal Iranian Government before the 1979 revolution of the Ayatolla Homeni. Most of Al's employment has been self employment in various businesses and as a consultant. Al is well traveled and has gone throughout the United States, Europe, and the Near East on business and pleasure trips, even publishing articles on his travels. Al has lectured in many Universities and Colleges, and before many professional organizations, including Maryland Society of Accountants, National Association of Accountants, National Society of Accountants, and others. Al's talks consistently receive high marks for presentation.

Al's volunteer duties started in high school with the Red Cross and have extended to current involvement with inner city schools and education, especially in the area of parent involvement (Academy Concepts II) and computerization (Net-A-Thon and others). Al also gives time to his profession by sitting as the Maryland Society of Accountants Legislative Committee Chairperson and the National Society of Public Accountants Legislative Director. Al is also a member of the National Society of Accountants Technology Committee, Over the years all has served on many professional and charitable committees for the betterment of the community and his profession.

Al has received many awards from the 1964 Mathematics Medal at St. John's College in Washington, The 1966 Presidential Scholarship to La Salle College in Philadelphia, the 1991 and 1993 MSA Editorial Awards and the 1994 and 1997 MSA Golden Quill Award, and the nomination for a Computer Press Award for an article published in Computerworld.

Al is a Certified Public Accountant, an Accredited Business Accountant, an Accredited Tax Advisor, a Certified Tax Practitioner, Certified Practitioner Tax, Fellow of the National Society of Enrolled Agents Educational Foundation, Fellow of the Maryland Society of Accountants and he has passed the Internal Revenue Service Enrolled Agent's examination demonstrating special competence in federal tax matters.

Al worked with Gina Smith when she launched the Electronic Entertainment magazine for Infotainment World. Gina is now doing a television show called On Computers.

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